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Enneagram Series: Nine Types of the Enneagram with Michael Mann

3 workshops on three different weekends.  You can sign up for one or for all!  Read below for information.

Workshop 1: The Nine Types of The Enneagram w/Michael Mann

September 23rd


$30 for one or $75 for all 3

Ennegram workshops We all have one dominant personality type that is influenced both by nurture and nature, but we also have all nine types of the enneagram within us. Some are just more pronounced than others. In this workshop, you will learn about your dominant type and how it influences your choices and patterns of behavior. You will also learn how you can begin to transcend the trappings of your personality and evolve in order to experience true joy and inner peace.

Workshop 2: The Head, The Heart, The Body, and Wings w/Michael Mann

September 30th


$30 for one or $75 for all 3 Enneagram Workshops

Now that we know a bit about each of the nine types, we’ll dive a little deeper into some nuances and groupings that will shed even more light on your personality. We’ll start by looking at the head, heart, and body types, how they each have a “samscara” or internal scar, and what each of these types might need from a yoga practice. We’ll then explore the “wings” of each type and the three instinctual variants and how they lend another shade of meaning and depth to your personality.

Workshop 3: The Enneagram and Your Yoga Practice October 7


$30 for one or $75 for all 3 Enneagram Workshops

In this final workshop, we’ll dive right into the kinds of postures, sequences, and ways of focusing that will benefit each type. We will also go through a 60 minute practice that will highlight postures that are beneficial for each of the nine types, and you’ll leave with a written outline of a practice that will be especially beneficial for you, now that you know all about the enneagram.