This one-hour class combines conditioning, interval cardio, Pilates, yoga and meditation to strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles. You will use a ballet barre, weights and balance ball to help keep your form strong and results powerful. You will focus on total body conditioning while remaining mindful and present.

What to Bring:

Bring along a mat and water and although classes are unheated you may want a towel.  If you have anymore questions please visit out "New To Yoga & Barre" Page. 

PIT Classes

PIT (Power Interval Training) is repeated short bursts of high energy movement combined with active recovery intervals. This allows the body to gain the benefits of a sprint and strength building workout in a short amount of time. Functional full body movements will work your entire system. HIIT can produce equal (if not better) results than chronic cardio in far less time.

This class with include warm-up, interval training, additional core building exercises, and stretching, all within 45 minutes. This class can be tailored to individual needs with modifications available for all exercises. Please bring a pair of clean sneakers, water, and a towel.

 You should try this type of workout if you:

-Want to compliment your current strength training routine with cardiovascular work

-Are short on time but still want superior results

-You made a goal to increase your fitness level and want something you can maintain

-Feel motivated by sharing your experience with likeminded individuals

-Have heard of interval training and want to know more

-Like to run and it’s too cold/hot/annoying to be outside


LPB has it's own website! Check it out for more details!


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