Tayla McNally

I currently live in Woburn, MA and work full-time at a large scale corporation in Boston, MA. I'm very lucky that my company has a great work/life balance and I truly can say that I enjoy the company of my co-workers and going into work each day comes at ease. However, I have always felt the need to do something with a greater purpose, where I feel like I am making a difference and helping people find and develop their mind, body and soul connection. 

As an avid runner I discovered Barre when I was in need of adding more strength training into my workouts. Instantly I feel in love with the energized practice  that brought-out my mind, body and soul connection and left me feeling empowered and strong, even on my wickedest days. I was amazed with how such a rigorous practice could leave me feeling so strong, peaceful and accomplished, in just an hour's time. When I became a part of the Barre community I knew this would be my place to make an difference and help others in the way my previous Barre teachers have done for me. 

When I heard about the need of Barre teachers at LPY, I decided to audition for the 100 hour Barre teacher training. When I found out I got into the teacher training I was overwhelmed with emotions of all sort. I was excited, nervous, and freaking out about the lack of free time I would have over the next 8 weeks of my training. With the love and support of my fiancé, family and friends I was able to put my nerves and hesitation behind me and fully submerge myself into the training. 

Now that my training is complete I am so happy I went forward with it and cannot wait to spread positive and supporting energy to all of my students. My goal for each and every class I teach is to extend that same love of barre to my students and leave them feeling peaceful, strong, and proud of their-selves for the work they achieved, and put in during class.

Becky Hodson

 A lover of group fitness classes since the days of Junior Jazzercise, I found barre at a time in my life where I was struggling to find a workout that fit my busy schedule, gave me the results I wanted and kept me coming back for more. Barre was the perfect balance of strength training, stretching and mind body connection that I craved. After practicing barre for a year, I was inspired to pursue certification to teach the class that I had fallen in love with.

I have lead barre classes everywhere from an elementary school gymnasium to boutique fitness studios, and believe that barre is a workout for anyone and everyone. While there are many methods of barre out there, I have come to find my own style which incorporates challenging, but safe exercises that are accessible for students of all levels. I love to lead a fun class with a great beat to keep energy high and confidence higher. Alternating barre and yoga workouts has brought me to a place where I feel strong and confident and I am excited to share my class with the Lexington Power Community!   

Linda Spolidoro

I took my first barre class at Lexington Power Yoga with the amazing Barre & Soul Method.  I admit I didn’t love it at first, but it fit into my schedule and so I reluctantly showed up. It didn’t take long before I was seeing and feeling the benefits and actually looking forward to class.

 One of the greatest benefits of my barre practice was how it helped with a chronic knee injury I’ve dealt with for most of my adult life due to a serious car accident. The best I hoped for was to keep it from restricting my activity too much. Through barre, the muscles surrounding my knee became so strong that I all but forgot about any limitations I might have had. It made me a stronger yogi, a better yoga instructor and confident in my own strength. It’s tough and it takes commitment, but If there is one thing that barre does for you, it is make you feel like a strong and confident bad-ass.

Mandy Schwartz

As a yoga instructor since 2009, Mandy is excited to add barre classes to the mix.  Mandy has been a committed student of barre for over four years and has found it to be an excellent complement to her yoga practice.  Building strength in a mindful and balanced way has helped Mandy find power and ease on her yoga mat and in life.  Students can expect a class that feels challenging and supportive, with the power of a strength workout and the mind-body connection of a yoga flow. With years of practice teaching all levels of students, Mandy offers options for beginners as well as options to advance when ready.  These classes are for everyone.  Tap into your power, support your practice, and get inspired.  See you at the barre!

Michelle Nigro

I love barre because it is a high-intensity, low impact workout that anyone can benefit from regardless of age or fitness level. Nothing makes me happier than seeing women of all ages work hard side by side at the barre. After years of working out just to feel confident in my Patriots Cheerleader uniform, I was searching for a workout that I'd actually look forward to and one that was both challenging and fun! After my first barre class I knew barre was the workout I was looking for. 
Around the same time that I started taking barre classes, I began to doubt my career choice. I was counting down the hours at work until I could leave to go to barre. I decided to get certified in barre to teach after work and on the weekends. I wanted a job that would get me excited to go to work every day, and while teaching barre I found myself jumping out of bed in the morning (yes, even on weekends) to go to class! After some soul-searching and planning, I quit my job and started Town Barre, a barre class business north of Boston, and haven't looked back since. 
I love seeing women grow stronger, alleviate pain, and gain energy and confidence each week at the barre. It brings me so much joy to be able to provide an hour for women to work on themselves in the middle of their busy schedules. I'm honored to join Lexington Power Yoga's team once a week and can't wait to see you at the barre!

Monique Hanafin

I was in high school when I discovered the magic of yoga. As a varsity three season athlete, I was desperate need to find relief from my Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I was 22 months old, I have struggled with this chronic illness and after my diagnosis, my parents were told I would most likely end up in a wheelchair, but that’s a story for another time! 
             I started doing on demand yoga workouts at home and fell in love with the physical practice. When I went off to college, I had a Denise Austin power yoga DVD that I would do in my dorm room. Practicing yoga helped me maintain a strong, flexible and balanced body while also alleviating pressure on my joints.
            After my freshman year in college, I decided to take my first live yoga class, which not only took my practice to the next level, but happened to present itself at the perfect time. My cousin, Renee, had just suddenly past away and yoga played a huge part in my emotional healing. After that first live class, I felt the happiest I had felt in months and I knew right then that I wanted to become an instructor. 
            Eventually, I became a children’s yoga instructor at the age of 19 and after two gratifying years of teaching yoga to children, I was ready to take the next step. I decided to go for my 200-hour yoga teacher training and started teaching adult classes immediately upon completion. And then came barre…
            After taking my first barre class, I was completely obsessed and again, instantly knew it was something I wanted to teach. I couldn’t believe how in just one hour, I could challenge every inch of my body (muscles I didn’t even know I had!) without any impact on my ever so sensitive joints. I showed up to the barre every single day for my daily dose of pulsing, tucking and squeezing and quickly got in the best shape of my life. I also was pleasantly surprised at how much my barre practice complimented my yoga practice. Barre strengthened my yoga muscles and I’ll never forget the first time I did crow pose, something that previously seemed impossible for an arthritic person like myself. From what I’ve learned through my own practice and from years of teaching is you don’t need to be in perfect health, in tip top physical shape or be able to bend yourself into a pretzel to practice yoga or barre.  Your practice is just that, a practice and a journey. It works for all different body types and you learn to embrace and celebrate your body for what it CAN do and not compare yourself to others.
            By the age of 22, I was teaching yoga and barre full time and almost four years later, I haven’t looked back yet. In addition to teaching vinyasa yoga and barre, I am reiki I attuned and specialize in teaching yoga to athletes, most notably for Harvard University. 
            Teaching is my passion in life. I feel so blessed to be able to do something I love everyday and teach such incredible students. I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring my positive energy and expertise to LPB @ LPY and I look forward to seeing you in class! 

Yolanda Taylor

I’ve lived in Lexington for 9 years now - a period accompanied by many life changes – getting married (10 years ago) to my wonderful husband Brooks who has given me endless encouragement and support in making Lexington Power Yoga happen, giving birth to 4 children, quitting work to be a FT mom, and then going back less than 3 years later, and most importantly, making so many amazing friends in Lexington - friends who have helped me truly learn what is most important in life – having a wonderful family, friends, and being a part of this amazing and supportive community. Lexington Power Yoga is my opportunity to give back to this unique and special community.

I received my undergraduate degree from U Penn and Wharton, spent several years on a Wall Street trading desk, got my MBA from Duke, and then spent 12 years at Fidelity Investments – for so long my life was defined by running and career – that all changed after having a family. After 20 years of running competitively I’ve had to struggle with chronic hip and hamstring issues after enduring many medical miracles in having my 4 beautiful children – I turned to yoga to help me get through this pain. When our fourth child was born I left my career in investment management, thinking this was my calling to stay home with the kids – I struggled (and still do) with that balance between career and family many of my fellow moms know all too well – I turned to yoga to help me get through this challenge.

Always looking for the next challenge, it was my gut that told me it was time to start my own business – Lexington needed a yoga studio, and yoga had become an important part of my life.

I was lucky to literally stumble into the partner I always dreamed of – Jillian and I have so many ideas of how to make Lexington Power Yoga the best yoga and wellness center ever!

Lorraine Shedoudi


Lorraine Shedoudi has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and through practice found her passion to teach. Practicing and teaching inspires Lorraine and connects her daily to her true purpose. Lorraine was born and raised in Northern California and has always been fascinated by the mind body connection. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Psychology at University of California, Berkeley. While at Berkeley, Lorraine took her ?rst yoga class and was captivated by the practice. After years of playing competitive sports, yoga brought her a new way to understand physical movement, wellness and compassion. Lorraine continued her studies and followed her passion of connecting the mind and the body by earning her Master's Degree at Boston College in Counseling Psychology.

While working as a substance abuse counselor in Boston, Lorraine brought mindfulness and meditation to patients struggling with addiction. The more stressful work became the more Lorraine used yoga to keep herself grounded. The yoga community brought a sense of connection to her daily life and she studied to become a yoga teacher. Lorraine is a natural student with a true passion for yoga. She has tirelessly taken workshops and trainings. Lorraine is working on her Reiki mastership under the direction of Pat Iyer. She has tremendous and daily gratitude for her husband, her son, her whole family, as well as her students and her friends. They are her greatest teachers; they inspire her and remind her to fully live in the moment.

Lorraine strives to bring yoga off the mat and into daily life by reminding students they are infinitely strong and can face life with balance and grace. She is also continually learning that each breath is a call to be present and content.

Allison Burke


I sought out my first yoga class at 23 as a means for achieving the “perfect body”. It seemed like Jennifer Aniston and Madonna were on the cover of every magazine rockin’ their bikini bodies, and in every interview they attributed their “success” to yoga. Without hesitation, I jumped on the bandwagon and found a studio right by my office

My first experience was not “love at first sight”. I struggled. I found it frustrating. The postures felt impossible (I could barely touch my toes!) It was so hot and so sweaty. The teacher seemed to be talking in a foreign language. But, by the end of class, I felt incredible. So, I kept showing up. Slowly I began to fall in love with the practice—although, I think I really fell in-love with savansana.

Yoga and I had an on again off again relationship throughout the years- always viewing it as a “just a supplement” to my workouts. It was in 2011 (6 years after my first class) when my practice began to take on a whole new meaning. I was transitioning from a major move. I was overwhelmed, lost, and uncertain—what am I supposed to be doing with my life? I went straight to the yoga studio. Practicing several times a week, I felt I needed it to survive. Yoga was helping me feel more grounded, and more aware of my feelings, and everything around me. I had space to breathe and I was learning to be more present, more patient, and more compassionate with myself and with others. It just felt right. It was later that year that I signed up for the 200hr Teacher Training, and I’ve been teaching ever since.

As a teacher, I remain a constant student of the practice. I continue to learn and grow through classes, workshops, and trainings led by the teachers that inspire me. In my classes, I hope to lead my students through a flow that meets them where they are and always encourages them to take the time to slow down, listen to their body, and their breath. Ultimately, yoga connects us to ourselves and to others. It becomes a part of us. And just maybe- with some practice, we will stumble across that place where we can let go of “being perfect” and enjoy all the beauty and quirks of simply being.

Alyson Friedlander


Yoga is truly special – it is a practice accessible to everyone, regardless of age, body type, or background. Not only does yoga stretch and strengthen my body, but it also stretches and strengthens my mind and spirit. I love the challenge and the intensity of this practice but at
the same time i always leave class feeling energized.

Yoga is a great teacher of self and life in general, it keeps me grounded and present while teaching me self acceptance. through yoga i have met many wonderful people who bring so much joy to my life. I feel extremely lucky to be able to learn and grow every day from my teachers and students.

Alyssa Hale


I was drawn to yoga in 2004 when I herniated a disk in my back and couldn't walk for almost a month. I was focused on nothing but "cardio" and "situps" as a means to get to the body "every girl wants." When I first came to power yoga I realized that not only was I creating the physical body I craved, but I was becoming a better, more balancer version of myself on the inside as well. Two weeks was all it took - yoga and I were going to be together forever!

I've taught through my own series of "stuff" - back injuries, two pregnancies, family tragedies and all the stresses that life can throw our way. I've seen bodies in all states of physical health - and I've come to realize that you are never too (old / young / fat / thin / tight / ... insert excuse here) for yoga. Yoga will meet you on your mat - and if you stick with it in an honest way - it will always serve you what you need. So know that when you come to my classes I understand that everyone will move and feel things differently and I will make room for what you need. I try to give people space when they need it, support and backrubs when they need them and a little butt-kicking when they crave it!

While my classes are challenging, I offer lots of room for modification and restoration if you feel your body is calling for it. I like to keep things light and tell jokes, and I like to get heavy and ask you self examine in certain postures. I like to offer yoga from a physical, emotional and intellectual perspective. So if you are interested in working on your self from more than just the physical angle, then come join me for a fun and funky flow!

Amanda Califano


Yoga found me in 2003, during my first year of law school, when I was in desperate need of some calm and inner peace. My journey began with an 8-week introductory Hatha course and has led me through the doors of numerous studios to explore some of the many styles of yoga being taught today. Yoga has completely transformed my body, my mind, and my life. It challenges and opens my mind, heart, and soul on a daily basis and reminds me that I can rely on my self and my breath to carry me through anything!

This practice has furthered my faith in the power of intention and positive thinking and constantly reminds me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment and that every breath has infinite potential. In fact, I’ve recently said good-bye to a full-time legal career in order to pursue this passion, and now I end each day feeling so unbelievably fulfilled. I truly feel so blessed to have the opportunity to pursue my passion wholeheartedly and am so grateful for all of you who have welcomed me into your lives.

Yoga is so much more than what you do on your mat – it’s how you live, it’s what you share with others, it’s when you wake up one day feeling more aware, more patient, more alive. I am deeply inspired by my amazing teachers and I strive to support others as they find their own inspiration, explore their own yoga experiences, and grow and transform both on and off the mat. While I am so thankful for the ability to share my experiences and guide others through pranayama, asana, and meditation, I absolutely believe that we are our own greatest teachers.

I believe in finding a balance between challenging your mind and body, playing with your edge, and finding space and serenity on your mat. In my class, expect to be physically challenged, mentally relaxed, and encouraged to find some lightness and playfulness in your practice! I am also Reiki Level 1 certified and I love assisting with the help of soothing lavender oil in savasana!

As a Lululemon Ambassador, I appreciate every opportunity to participate in community events and share the spirit of yoga with others. I teach workshops on a regular basis and am available for private and semi-private classes.

When I'm not at the studio, I can be found spending time with friends and family in Boston and New York and spoiling my 5lb pup, Toby!

Brittney Burgess


Yoga has the powerful ability to create transformation. My yoga practice has supported me through some of the most challenging and the most joyful times in my life, and continues to be a beautiful reminder to love myself, challenge myself and take care of myself - a message I always seek to share with my students.

With a background in psychotherapy and sport psychology, I strongly believe that the mind-body connection is present at all times, and that every person has tremendous potential within themselves. Yoga has filled me with a self-acceptance, intuitive listening and the ability to use my breath wherever I am. As a teacher, I provide the dynamic tools that will help students on a journey to grow, heal, empower and ultimately transform not only their bodies, but their lives!

I believe in creating a community of joy and love, and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to do this as both teacher and student through this transformative practice!

Emily Griffin


Right after trying a few different yoga classes I became hooked! it just hit home with me. I love the heat, sweat and flow of vinyasa yoga; it is truly a practice that builds a strong and healthy body while calming the mind and encouraging awareness. Yoga has challenged me both physically and mentally. After beginning my practice i began to notice differences not only in my physical body but also in my life off of my yoga mat. I felt stronger and calmer – I became more present, gained the ability to let go and became extremely aware of my body. I knew I wanted to share this incredible practice with others.

I am a graduate of prana power yoga’s teacher training program and am also certified in assisting/adjusting. i continue the study of yoga through a variety of teachers, workshops and trainings. my classes focus on breath and flow while maintaining proper alignment.

Jamie Barry


Jamie has been teaching prenatal yoga since 2011 and vinyasa yoga since 2007. She brings her experience as a teacher, yogi and mom to her prenatal classes, which aim to empower women to truly listen to the wisdom of their bodies and trust their intuition.

Jamie practiced yoga during her own pregnancy with her daughter in 2012, and credits it in maintaining a comfortable pregnancy, providing her with tools to utilize through labor, and helping her to stay grounded as a mom.

Her students range from women who have been practicing yoga for years and want to modify it safely during pregnancy, to women who have never been on a yoga mat before. There is room in her classes to both challenge yourself and to slow down and find stillness. In class, expect a mix of yoga flow, breathing techniques, meditation, and the company and supportive community of other mothers-to-be.

Laura Grundstrom


Laura Grundstrom has taught children in many different capacities for the past fifteen years. Her love for movement developed early in life as she danced her way through her school years. Laura has degree from Franklin Pierce College in social work and a minor in dance. Laura recognizes that children are natural movers and she has taught kids dance and creative movement at a variety of places throughout the years.

Laura’s personal love for yoga began with restorative practice, as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. She then began to explore vinyasa yoga which invoked feelings that reminded her of dance. Moving with breath and flowing from one pose into the next Laura was instantly hooked.

Laura taught Autistic children for years and her personal yoga practiced helped her stay grounded and conscious of her breath during stressful times both in and out of work. Eventually Laura moved on to teaching in a preschool setting; and she started to bring yoga into the classroom to help some of the kids who struggled with attention and listening. Laura began her yearlong 300 hour training to become a certified YogaKids teacher and trainer as a way to better support her students in the classroom. It was the perfect way to merge her love for yoga and her passion for teaching kids.

Laura has had the privilege to train with Marsha Wenig the founder of the YogaKids program. The YogaKids philosophy is to educate the “whole” child by blending yoga with reading, music, body awareness and academic skills in a non-competitive environment. Laura strives to incorporate all of these things into each of her classes. Students these days are under a lot of pressure and stress, Laura has worked hard to help bring yoga into classrooms to help children learn stress management techniques. She has also facilitated trainings to educate teachers on how to include yoga directly into their curriculum.

Children have so much to teach us if we just take the time to stop and listen. As a mother of two young girls, Laura works both on and of her mat to find balance, playfulness and of course the bravery to try new things. Laura is looking forward to connecting kids with their natural passion for yoga and fun!

Linda Spolidoro


Having spent much of my early years feeling inadequate privately, acting out publicly, and generally doing the exact opposite of anything that would have made my life easier, I came to the logical conclusion that I had been born on the wrong planet. I just couldn’t figure out where it was I fit and what it was I had to offer (talk about existential angst).

I had no idea that when I walked into my first yoga class a few years back, I was hot on the heels of discovering my home planet. Yoga has allowed me the ability, the confidence, and the nonjudgmental freedom to embrace my uniqueness (unique being code for weird) with compassion, gratitude, and most importantly, unadulterated joy. It has given me the physical outlet that I crave (it’s a great work-out), the spiritual connection to something beyond my intellect (think String Theory), and it has introduced me to the most loving, creative, and compassionate community anywhere on this or any planet. Simply put, Yoga for me has softened the voices of self doubt that were once constant companions and amplified the beautiful Song of the Universe that had been there all along.

Mandy Schwartz


What I love about yoga is that it works – no exceptions. All you have to do is show up and breathe, then sit back and watch your life transform. I fell in love with yoga right away, and looking back I can see how fast my life began to shift – big shifts for the world to see and internal shifts that really have been much bigger.

I completed teacher training through Prana Power Yoga and began teaching just four days later. In the years that followed I attended many further trainings and workshops and feel blessed to learn from so many amazing teachers. I have trained in assisting with Sue Jones & Ray Mucci, anatomy with Ellen Heed, Yin Yoga with Josh Summers, and kids yoga with Lisa Flynn. I am also a level 1 Reiki practitioner under Jene’ Rossi. I continue to stay committed to learning and growing as a yoga teacher and student.

I aspire to teach the kind of class that I love to take: balanced, challenging, fun, and fluid, with a whole lot of space to find your own way. Creating a strong flow is one of my absolute favorite parts of teaching yoga. I also love teaching to music and thoroughly enjoy creating playlists that I hope enhance the students’ experience without distracting from breath.

Mostly, I strive to take this journey one step a time, soaking up as much as I can. Bob Dylan said,“we have never arrived, we are in a constant state of becoming.” Yoga teaches me to live slow and never stop becoming.

Michael Mann


My yoga practice has allowed me to find more fun and freedom on and off my mat, reminding me that I always have options and that I can always shift my perspective to focus on what feels good. I enjoy teaching playful, energetic classes that challenge students to try new things and move beyond the limitations of the mind to tap deeper into the amazing potential and wisdom of the body. I offer lots of space for freedom and many options and modifications in my classes. I welcome you to come as you are, listen to your body, rest when you need to rest, and choose what feels right for you, moment by moment, breath by breath. Through yoga, I've learned to take myself way less seriously, and to be more spontaneous and creative. I love sharing this perspective with all my students, and I especially love it when we can laugh at ourselves and lighten up a little in the process!

Prior to teaching yoga, I worked with elementary school- aged children in classrooms, afterschool programs and camps, and I still enjoy teaching kids yoga and even bringing out that inner child in adult classes. I especially love teaching to fun music from various genres and my love of music is reflected in the classes I teach, helping students to tap into their own inner rhythm and vibe. In addition to my 200 hour teacher training with Prana Power Yoga in 2008, I have taken trainings with Claire Este-McDonald, Gregor Singleton, and Lynne Begier, as well as an advanced training in alignment and sequencing with Ame Wren and David Regelin, and I continue to study with Jane Cargill, of Baptiste Power Yoga. I'm inspired every day by so many wonderful teachers and by my own students, and I feel lucky to be part of the amazing yoga community we have here in Boston.