Jennifer Schipani

"I fell in love with group fitness classes about 7 years ago when I moved back to Boston after college and was starting to figure out what a work, family, friend and personal life balance was. With fitness classes, I found that the simple act of clicking a button and committing to a class was exactly the kind of motivation to keep me structured, amidst the distractions of every day life, and staying physically and mentally healthy.

When I started adding 2-3 barre classes into my weekly routine and I found significant results in my already physical lifestyle - all of a sudden I was sitting straighter at my desk, I was seeing definition in my legs, core and abs, and I was excelling in my other workouts. 

Like any work out, the results are often what you put into it - but as an instructor it’s my goal to provide the energy, motivation and moves to make each class a fun and challenging experience."

Gail Brosnan

From a young age, I loved dance, whether creating my own dance with friends, or at my weekly dance classes after school. I loved the poise and beauty of ballet, the upbeat fun of jazz, and the creativity behind it all. This passion helped me find a love of fitness, and I soon added in running, spin, boot camp, yoga, and zumba classes. 

    Years later, after training for a half marathon, and multiple boot camp classes, I experienced chronic knee pain. After months of trying P.T. and rest, and even surgery, I still felt pain. So, I got a second opinion from a doctor. He told me what I needed where the 3 S’s: strength, stability, and stretching.

     I found all this and more in barre class. Amazingly, with the help of barre, I no longer experienced pain from simply walking, and felt stronger and healthier. Just like my former dance classes, I genuinely looked forward to barre class, and the work and fun it entailed. I kept coming back for more, perfected my form, and eventually trained to teach.

     I love everything about barre, from the inspiring and positive energy, the music, the modifications and challenges, the techniques and form, and the mind-body connection. I love how barre helps you to find the strength within to push yourself, without causing injury or stress upon your body. I hope to inspire others to find this same love of barre.

Adriana Lopes


 Adriana is currently in her senior year of Nursing school at Salem State University with a concentration in Neonatal care. Up until the age of 22 she struggled with body image and was very overweight due to a series of knee surgeries she had when she was younger. In the Spring of 2015 Salem State University required that all students chose a gym elective in order to pick a major, that’s when she decided to sign up for yoga. It was through yoga that she realized just how strong and capable she was of achieving her goals. She learned to leave all her problems at the door and just keep bettering herself day by day by improving her strength, flexibility and will power. That summer when she moved home from college she signed up at a Yoga/Barre studio in her hometown to continue her journey. In the summer of 2015 she fell in love with Barre.  Her mat became her favorite place to be and that one hour she devoted to herself a day became her happy place where all her troubles disappeared. In September 2015, she decided to further her fitness journey and enrolled in The Barre and Soul 100 hour Barre Instructor training program. Her training involved learning the history of Barre, the foundational exercises taught combined with modern variations, the anatomy and physiology behind barre excercises, hands on adjustments, musicality, injury modifications, pregnancy modifications, and how to make classes accessible to beginners all while keeping them challenging to the intermediate and advanced. Her training shaped her to become a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructor. Over the past few years she has furthered her training and experiences by doing trainings for Pound Rock out Workout and TRX. In the Summer of 2016 she trained in Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, Pilates tower, and Pilates chair. Adriana has made a number of achievements in the past few years. She has lost over 100 pounds, became certified in different forms of exercise and is only a few months away from earning her Bachelors in Nursing. She can’t wait to share her experience and unique teaching styles with the students at Lexington Power Yoga  to help them achieve their personal goals!

Tayla McNally

I currently live in Woburn, MA and work full-time at a large scale corporation in Boston, MA. I'm very lucky that my company has a great work/life balance and I truly can say that I enjoy the company of my co-workers and going into work each day comes at ease. However, I have always felt the need to do something with a greater purpose, where I feel like I am making a difference and helping people find and develop their mind, body and soul connection. 

As an avid runner I discovered Barre when I was in need of adding more strength training into my workouts. Instantly I feel in love with the energized practice  that brought-out my mind, body and soul connection and left me feeling empowered and strong, even on my wickedest days. I was amazed with how such a rigorous practice could leave me feeling so strong, peaceful and accomplished, in just an hour's time. When I became a part of the Barre community I knew this would be my place to make an difference and help others in the way my previous Barre teachers have done for me. 

When I heard about the need of Barre teachers at LPY, I decided to audition for the 100 hour Barre teacher training. When I found out I got into the teacher training I was overwhelmed with emotions of all sort. I was excited, nervous, and freaking out about the lack of free time I would have over the next 8 weeks of my training. With the love and support of my fiancé, family and friends I was able to put my nerves and hesitation behind me and fully submerge myself into the training. 

Now that my training is complete I am so happy I went forward with it and cannot wait to spread positive and supporting energy to all of my students. My goal for each and every class I teach is to extend that same love of barre to my students and leave them feeling peaceful, strong, and proud of their-selves for the work they achieved, and put in during class.

Becky Hodson

 A lover of group fitness classes since the days of Junior Jazzercise, I found barre at a time in my life where I was struggling to find a workout that fit my busy schedule, gave me the results I wanted and kept me coming back for more. Barre was the perfect balance of strength training, stretching and mind body connection that I craved. After practicing barre for a year, I was inspired to pursue certification to teach the class that I had fallen in love with.

I have lead barre classes everywhere from an elementary school gymnasium to boutique fitness studios, and believe that barre is a workout for anyone and everyone. While there are many methods of barre out there, I have come to find my own style which incorporates challenging, but safe exercises that are accessible for students of all levels. I love to lead a fun class with a great beat to keep energy high and confidence higher. Alternating barre and yoga workouts has brought me to a place where I feel strong and confident and I am excited to share my class with the Lexington Power Community!   

Linda Spolidoro

I took my first barre class at Lexington Power Yoga with the amazing Barre & Soul Method.  I admit I didn’t love it at first, but it fit into my schedule and so I reluctantly showed up. It didn’t take long before I was seeing and feeling the benefits and actually looking forward to class.

 One of the greatest benefits of my barre practice was how it helped with a chronic knee injury I’ve dealt with for most of my adult life due to a serious car accident. The best I hoped for was to keep it from restricting my activity too much. Through barre, the muscles surrounding my knee became so strong that I all but forgot about any limitations I might have had. It made me a stronger yogi, a better yoga instructor and confident in my own strength. It’s tough and it takes commitment, but If there is one thing that barre does for you, it is make you feel like a strong and confident bad-ass.

Mandy Schwartz

As a yoga instructor since 2009, Mandy is excited to add barre classes to the mix.  Mandy has been a committed student of barre for over four years and has found it to be an excellent complement to her yoga practice.  Building strength in a mindful and balanced way has helped Mandy find power and ease on her yoga mat and in life.  Students can expect a class that feels challenging and supportive, with the power of a strength workout and the mind-body connection of a yoga flow. With years of practice teaching all levels of students, Mandy offers options for beginners as well as options to advance when ready.  These classes are for everyone.  Tap into your power, support your practice, and get inspired.  See you at the barre!

Deanna Disipio

Since a young girl, I have loved to dance.  Whether it was dancing at the studio or in my home, I have always gravitated towards the upbeat tempos of tap, jazz and hip-hop.  In college, I found a passion for fitness, hitting the gym and enrolling in health and wellness courses.  Upon returning from college, I danced with Bay State Ballet in the Merrimack Valley for several years while still working out, incorporating yoga and spin.  

Eventually, I stepped into my first barre class and haven’t looked back.  Between the music, energy and almost immediate results I was instantly addicted.  There are so many aspects of a barre class that I love; the mind-body connection, the strength and definition it has given my body, and lastly the physical and mental confidence.  

The best thing about teaching barre is seeing the students enjoying class, getting stronger and giving that hour to themselves.  So happy and grateful to be teaching at LPY!

Monique Hanafin

I was in high school when I discovered the magic of yoga. As a varsity three season athlete, I was desperate need to find relief from my Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I was 22 months old, I have struggled with this chronic illness and after my diagnosis, my parents were told I would most likely end up in a wheelchair, but that’s a story for another time! 
             I started doing on demand yoga workouts at home and fell in love with the physical practice. When I went off to college, I had a Denise Austin power yoga DVD that I would do in my dorm room. Practicing yoga helped me maintain a strong, flexible and balanced body while also alleviating pressure on my joints.
            After my freshman year in college, I decided to take my first live yoga class, which not only took my practice to the next level, but happened to present itself at the perfect time. My cousin, Renee, had just suddenly past away and yoga played a huge part in my emotional healing. After that first live class, I felt the happiest I had felt in months and I knew right then that I wanted to become an instructor. 
            Eventually, I became a children’s yoga instructor at the age of 19 and after two gratifying years of teaching yoga to children, I was ready to take the next step. I decided to go for my 200-hour yoga teacher training and started teaching adult classes immediately upon completion. And then came barre…
            After taking my first barre class, I was completely obsessed and again, instantly knew it was something I wanted to teach. I couldn’t believe how in just one hour, I could challenge every inch of my body (muscles I didn’t even know I had!) without any impact on my ever so sensitive joints. I showed up to the barre every single day for my daily dose of pulsing, tucking and squeezing and quickly got in the best shape of my life. I also was pleasantly surprised at how much my barre practice complimented my yoga practice. Barre strengthened my yoga muscles and I’ll never forget the first time I did crow pose, something that previously seemed impossible for an arthritic person like myself. From what I’ve learned through my own practice and from years of teaching is you don’t need to be in perfect health, in tip top physical shape or be able to bend yourself into a pretzel to practice yoga or barre.  Your practice is just that, a practice and a journey. It works for all different body types and you learn to embrace and celebrate your body for what it CAN do and not compare yourself to others.
            By the age of 22, I was teaching yoga and barre full time and almost four years later, I haven’t looked back yet. In addition to teaching vinyasa yoga and barre, I am reiki I attuned and specialize in teaching yoga to athletes, most notably for Harvard University. 
            Teaching is my passion in life. I feel so blessed to be able to do something I love everyday and teach such incredible students. I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring my positive energy and expertise to LPB @ LPY and I look forward to seeing you in class!