#Doyourbest By Showing Up by Jillian McDonough

When I watch my almost two year old try to clean up the milk he spilt it makes me smile.  He does an awful job at it in terms of actually getting the milk up but he puts in so much effort.  When my three year old gets mad at his sister and wants to give her a smack I am so super proud of him when he resists.  And when my four year old sits at our dining room table and works on spelling out her name for the fiftieth time you can’t be anything but amazed by her tenacity and effort.  When kids are learning they learn with vigor and passion.  They mess up and try again.  They strive to do their best and even if it’s not our “perfect” it’s more than enough in that moment. 

It’s the same pride and joy I feel when I watch a class full of yogis of all-levels come and practice week in and week out.  My Monday and Wednesday night classes continue to amaze me.  Half the room fills with people who are there EVERY single week.  These are the people I am blown away by and have such a crazy respect for.  We all know how hard it is to get there.  To get anywhere, forget a place that is going to ask you to work and focus and grow! They show up each week and they do it - they do their best.

These people are especially awe inspiring to me because I know I battle with commitment to the physical yoga practice.  I first started almost 15 years ago and from that point my practice has gone from more than once a day to not at all for months.  I remember, before I owned LPY, and I practiced at another studio that I would hesitate even to buy a package of classes because just that one small action would make me feel nervous about the fact that I HAD to use them.  This fear would make me feel angry and then I wouldn’t go at all! Go figure!  It wasn’t until I did a 30 in 30 day challenge that I saw true changes happens.  This challenge is where you commit to doing 30 classes in 30 days and it asked me to commit big time.  At first I hated it, then I stopped coming for three days, then I doubled up on classes for a while to get them all done.  And then…it started to click.  At about week 3 I started to even it out.  I would come regularly and my yoga for the first time wasn’t about doing the MOST in every class it was about doing my BEST.  Some days that meant sitting in Childs pose for 20 min or backing off from a pose.  This was the first time this had ever happened to me.  The first time I gave myself permission to back up and rest (which all along was what I really needed since I’m a big time pusher in the rest of my life).  

So my version of #doyourbest wasn’t do the best yoga pose, or the fastest asana or anything like that.  It was simply to commit to being there.  My best was to break the fear of that commitment and come every day and learn from my time there.  My best was to rest.  My best was to breath.  My best was just to BE there.  That is why I find the people who do this time and time again so amazing.  It takes the most effort to just show up in life and #doyourbest.

Once you find how you can do your best there is no way to judge yourself or think harshly.  In fact it will let you back off, and ease up and appreciate exactly who you are.  So figure out what your best is and do it.  Be proud of yourself, show up and #doyourbest.  The rest takes care of itself.  

Oh and Ps. Moments where you don’t do your best and you scream at your kids and hide in the bathroom (you all do that too right?) can be fixed by trying again to do better next time :)