#Haveallyouneed It's Everything You Need by Lorraine Shedoudi

Everything you need...If you were one of my regulars when I first started teaching you could certainly finish that sentence for me.  It felt necessary for me to remember and to remind my students that there is nothing we need to buy or change to be complete. Something about the regular practice and study of yoga helped me to understand and see the brilliance of my own mind and body. I spent a lot of time thinking I needed change to be enough. Will I be better if I drink green juice and eat raw food? I wished my hair were fuller and my figure wasn’t. 

Now it seems even more important in the every growing fitness industry to remember that it’s not about how we look or what we wear.  It is about how we feel and how we engage in our world.  It is a connection to our power and our purpose.  We can feel true empowerment by taking time to slow down and recognize all that we already are.  There has never been a time in human history where we have more personal power and immediate impact and yet we are still spinning our wheels and chasing our tails in the pursuit of “having it all”. 

A few weekends ago I listened to Sean Corn talk about power dynamics, oppression and joining together to become truly equal.  Joining together to make sure that we all have what we need.  From that spirit it becomes much easier to lend a hand and making the world as a whole a better place, a better place for our aging parents, our growing children and every member of our global family.  

We need to move away from the idea of #havingitall and step right into #havingallyouneed already and in this moment.  It is time to step right into being enough and feeling empowered in our skin.  The goal of looking or needing to be perfect is not only unrealistic it is completely irrelevant.  It doesn’t serve to lift any one up, especially not the one striving for an airbrushed image. What feels best and elevates all of us is when we come together in all that makes us imperfect, real and vulnerable and in the end that is what makes us invincible.