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Find Your Dharma w/ Cara Gilman

Find Your Dharma

It's time to create the life you love and live for each and everyday. Are you feeling stuck in your current career path and need a change? Do you know what you really want to do but money and people's perceptions of you is standing in your way?

In this workshop, we will explore mental training techniques that will allow you to process and let go of this fear so you can take that big leap and do what you were meant to do. This session will include meditation, discussion, journaling and a vinyasa yoga style flow class. All experience levels are welcomed.

This workshop will be led by Boston-based yoga teacher and run coach, Cara Gilman. Cara worked in the financial services industry for more than 6 years before making the leap to start her own business. She knows first-hand the fear of change and is excited to share the techniques she learned and carries with her as she continues to pursue her passion each and everyday.