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Ball Rolling 101: Improving Performace 101 & Reducing Pain w/ Alyssa Hale

Ball Rolling 101: Improving Performance 101 & Reducing Pain

Friday, December 28th



Join YACEP Instructor Alyssa Hale-Prettyman for a one-of-a-kind deep tissue release workshop using therapy balls. Great for yoga practitioners, athletes, those suffering from chronic pain and even those just like a good massage, this workshop will use three different types of balls to provide release and relief - working up the front line and down the back line of the body. Learn great techniques for working common pain points and tight areas of the body, for example: plantar fasciitis, tight hips, low back pain, menstrual cramps, achey wrists and arms, jaw clenching, shoulder mobility, digestive & breathing issues - and that's just the beginning! Students will also have the opportunity to ask for customized or special areas of focus based on their own personal pain points, goals or needs.

In this class you can expect:

  • 90+minutes of rolling

  • 30 minutes of restorative relaxation Overview lecture on Ball Rolling (why we do it, how we do it, what we avoid, what we gain)

  • Essential oil scented eye cloths, spa water & treats for the end.