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FREE Community Workshops Hosted By Current 300-hour Graduates

Over the past year a dedicated group of yoga teachers have been working on advancing their careers and study through our 300 hour training program. A 300 hour can only be completed after an initial 200 hours have been done in order to become a registered yoga teacher. At the end of this training this group will have completed at least 500 hours of study. They have worked to hone their craft and will be presenting their graduation workshops to the public.

Please join us by just coming to the studio for the workshop you would like to take. The only workshop with an amount restriction is Saturday 9/21 at 2pm. Please see below for instructions on how to register for that class.

Saturday, 9/14- 2pm-4pm

Strength Fundamentals and Flow with Linda and Amira
Do you want to become a better, stronger and more functional athlete? Improve your asana practice? Your golf game? Your Cross Fit workout? Build the kind of strength needed to hold a solid plank, a handstand or a stable arm balance? Join Linda and guest teacher Amira for an all levels, strength focussed workshop. Amira is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, a personal trainer and an endurance athlete. Together Linda and Amira will lead you through a fun and energetic flow set to a themed playlist with an emphasis on strength drills, functional movement, cardio endurance, and core stabilization, ending with a cool-down and well-deserved savasana.

Saturday , 9/14 6:00-8:00pm

Melissa and Meg- Yoga and Living your best life (recovery philosophy applied to all)

Yoga for Recovery Saturday, September 14th from 6-pm. We are all recovering from something: addiction, trauma, injury, life. Join Melissa Martel and Megan Vitale for a two hour workshop where we combine the teachings of yoga with the disciplines of the Twelve Steps. Our goal is that you will leave with the tools you need when you leave your mat and enter the real practice of life. We will start a description of yoga for recovery followed by a 45 minute open discussion where you can share or just hold space. We will then guide you through a 45 minute strength building slow flow with hands on assists and end with a guided mediation. Together we can heal one another and build community in a safe space. We are never alone, we are all in this together.

Sunday, September 15th - 6-8pm
GATHERING with Julianne & Jaime-Lyn
Autumn. It is the time of year when we transition from the warmth and exuberance of summer to the quiet reflection of fall. Let's gather together to honor the turning of the seasons, and cultivate a sense of grounding and stability. We will move through an earthy Vinyasa flow and end with cooling restoratives

Saturday, 9/21-2-4pm -FULL

Small Group - Big Results. How YOU should practice the poses with Jillian & Isabelle

Are you working with a tweaky knee, achy hips, bad back or a small injury or maybe just curious on how you really look when your doing that low push up (is your head hanging, shoulders rounded, hips sagging)? Join Isabel & Jillian for 90 minutes of focused small group time. We will be capping the size of this group at 8 and asking you to email us ahead of time with any questions or injuries you might be working with.

The saying that there is no "goal" for a yoga pose is so essential. You may think you have a "basic" pose mastered but Isabel and Jillian bet they can show you a more effective, stable and strength building way of taking that pose. We will break down common poses with each of you. Think - down dog, high push-up (to low), back bending poses, warriors, etc... We can show you how to take these poses to get stronger and be able to continue practicing them for years and years. We will also work with your body and an muscular imbalances that might be showing up to help you figure out how to use yoga and other methods of exercise to start to bring balance back. This won't be a flow class but we will tackle the elements you will find in one. Wear yoga clothes and bring water.

Saturday, 9/21 6pm-8pm

Meg and Joanne- balanced athlete functional movement

As with any program of movement, any program of exercise, we as yoga practitioners face injuries that often times limit or completely halt our abilities to practice without pain. Past practices have us blaming the activity as being the cause of the injury when in fact we as practitioners should be considering the way that we move through the modality, not the modality itself. While the activity, whether it be yoga, cross fit, running, lifting, etc and the movements attached to these activities should be one focus of our attention, of equal interest should be the genetic and traumatic patterns and our learned movements through years of repetition. It is only by studying our physical structure, analyzing individual asymmetries throughout the body, and then changing our movement patterns accordingly do we elevate our practice to a place where we can perform without injury.

Join Meg and Joanne for an overview of Balanced Athlete, where we combine functional movement with mindfulness in our yoga practice. By merging these ideas, we begin to move from a place of strength, of function and alignment, and it is from here that the mobility in our yoga practice evolves. We will begin this workshop with a presentation on main ideas and principles of the Balanced Athlete, ending with a practice that incorporates and integrates functional movement with yoga. The hope is that the practice will leave you feeling stronger, more solid and stable in your hand-to-core and foot-to-core connections. This workshop will provide the platform for how to begin to incorporate mindful movement based on individual bodies and patterns of movement in our everyday yoga practice.

Sunday, 9/22-2pm-4pm

Hannah and Paula- yin/meditation

Join us for a Two Hour Yin Yoga and Meditation workshop. Yin Yoga is a wonderful, complementary practice to more dynamic Yoga styles and offers an opportunity to slow down. You will experience longer held postures that help improve flexibility of the body and mind, interwoven with imaginative, guided meditation. Most postures are seated or supine and are suitable for all levels.