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Friday Night at LPY- Restorative Yoga: Find Your Bliss with Keith Herndon

Restorative Yoga: Find Your Bliss with Keith Herndon

Friday Evening 7:30PM – 9:30PM $35

Come and experience Restorative Yoga; Let go of deeply held tensions and release into a space of deep bliss. This is wonderful compliment to a power practice.

Join Keith Herndon for two hours of Restorative Yoga. We will begin with about 20 minutes of flowing Kripalu yoga to warm up and prepare the body for the deepening and relaxing poses of Restorative Yoga. In these poses you will rest supported by cushions and blankets which will allow your whole being to fully let go.

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga, utilizing props to support the body in various postures which are held for about 10 minutes which allows the nervous system to completely quiet and return to a balanced state, while gently stretching and opening the body and quieting the mind. The body then begins to release long held habitual tension. Restorative Yoga cultivates the habit of attention, focusing on the breath.

Keith Herndon is a Lexington-based Kripalu Yoga teacher with a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification. Keith is also a Kripalu Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher who has been teaching Restorative Yoga for 5 years.