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Kundalini Yoga for Everyone w/ Pamela McBride Cereno and Andrea Douglass

“We have come to this world to fulfill our spiritual dreams.
But it is normally seen that we end up fulfilling our earthly
dreams. The mind is the availability through which you
can swing from one choice to the other.” - Yogi Bhajan
Kundalini Yoga for Everyone
with Pamela McBride Cereno and Andrea Douglass
Sunday, June 12th 2pm-4pm
In this workshop, we will create an inclusive practice for
those both new and old to Kundalini Yoga. Discover how
to go within and allow your true identity to unfold. Allow
this beautiful technology to awaken your soul and
embrace each moment with an open heart so we may
live each day consciously. In this workshop we will
explore a set of exercises to awaken our ten bodies,
bringing into balance our positive, negative and neutral
minds. We will use our breath to engage our naval point
along with yoga, sacred chants, music, and meditation. 
Cost: $27 in advance, $35 day of