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The Gratitude Challenge w/ Lorraine & Jillian

The Gratitude Challenge!

FIRST TIME EVER : New Format, More Accountability (really commit to see big changes!), more recorded meditations, and a bunch of FREE workshops by LPY teachers!

Are you ready to connect unlock keys to happiness that can lead to greater success? We have some tools just for you.

Join Lorraine and Jillian as they lead the LPY Community Focused Challenge for reaching balance, stability and JOY.

We are going to work with a concrete practice of daily gratitude to help retrain your brain. This group will work with strategies that have been researched and shown to improve happiness which leads to lasting success in as little as 28- days. The training will be full of real tools that can be used to rewire your brain - making you happier, healthier & more productive. We promise to make it fun and powerful with lasting results.

What you can expect when you commit to 28 days:

AT LEAST One in person 30-minute group meeting at LPY per week or participate in the Live Facebook Meeting:

A group of like-minded supportive individuals to help you on your journey!

Personal coaching from Lorraine & Jillian who will help hold you accountable for the changes YOU can make.

Recommended reading (articles and books)

Recommended podcasts (keep positive words flowing at you)

Daily practices that can be journal exercises that can be done in as little as 5 minutes (can include your family!)

Closed Facebook group to share experiences with other participants and to get support and encouragement (it’s not always easy to create new habits)

*We ask you to commit to one 30 minute in person session, once a week.*

Pick one of the following in person meet up times:
Tuesday and/or Friday 1:10-1:40p
Or Saturday’s at 12:10-12:40p

Program begins November 1. In person meeting (can zoom in if needed) at 1:10pm to kickoff, train and get going! If you can’t make it there will be a recording but we encourage you to prioritize it!

ALSO INCLUDED FOR CHALLENGERS during this round is a LOT of amazing workshops:

Bring your family to LPY’s Movie Night screening of Inside Out (a perfect compliment to the gratitude challenge) for Free. See info Here

Grateful Child : Join a meet up led by Kimberly & Jillian for moms and parenting! See info Here

Cultivating Creativity workshop with Linda Spolidoro. Details here

Flow & Facing Addictive Patterns workshop with Meghan. Details here

Individual: $98

Annual or Auto Renew Member $90

Special price for those who participated in the the February/April Challenges: ONLY - $25 for the challenge and a discounted rate of $15 each workshop!
Email to to take advantage.

Did you know we have been running this challenge at LPY for almost a year? Here's what a current participant had to say:

"This Challenge changed my life. I communicate better, I connect more easily. It has given me tools that I use regularly to navigate my days and gain perspective."