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LPY Master Class: Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine and Hips with Jen Geller

BACK to the basics: Yoga for a healthy spine and body

Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine and the Hips w/Jen Geller MS, PT, RYT

Saturday, March 24th

2 parts, join for 1 or both

PART 1- Lecture 1-3pm

PART 2 - 3-4:15pm Flow

Join one part- $25 join both parts- $40

Are you looking learn about functional anatomy as it applies to your yoga teachings and your yoga practice? Drawing on over twenty years of experience as a physical therapist before becoming a yoga teacher, Jen Gellar will share with you functional information on the musculoskeletal system that may help you teach and/or practice more safely and effectively. Jen will begin with a focus on the spine (lumbar, thoracic and cervical) and then how the spine articulates and functions with the pelvis. You will learn helpful information to hopefully demystify the sacroiliac or SI joint. We can also touch on extremities as well as different populations, body types, and common injuries.

This will be an interactive presentation and discussion on how to apply the principles of functional anatomy to specific poses and transitions between poses. Also, how to effectively utilize core musculature to move mindfully and safely through your practice and everyday life.

Information session is intended for teachers and anyone interested in deepening their knowledge. Presentation will be followed by a one-hour flow focused on maintaining a healthy spine and body through yoga.