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LPY Master Class: Your Authentic Self - Teaching Through The Enneagram w/ Michael Mann

Learn how to use the Enneagram, a personality assessment designed for self-actualization, to see what's keeping you (and your students) from realizing your most authentic self. Because the Enneagram places a great deal of importance on energy, and views the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as one, it goes hand in hand with a yoga practice.

We will learn about each of the nine types, their "samskaras" of anger, shame, and anxiety, and how the types correspond to the energy points of the head, the heart, and the gut. We will then explore how to custom make a yoga practice that allows each type to grow and thrive.

With further understanding of this system and how it dovetails with a yoga asana practice, you can infuse it into your teaching, especially with private clients, to help your students deepen their understanding of themselves and their practice.