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Prenatal and Postnatal Flow with Jillian McDonough and Lorraine Shedoudi

This workshop is for anyone who loves the vinyasa practice and would like to continue with this style when they are pregnant and after baby. Being able to find the familiarity of your mat and your flow while pregnant is extremely comforting! If you are or will be pregnant and want to continue your practice but it a safe way join Jillian and Lorraine for this workshop.
From Jillian "After having three very different pregnancies in four short years I had to learn how to modify my practice to fit my new ever-changing pregnant and postpartum body. I loved the flow I knew and wanted to continue with it instead of a more traditional style parental class but I wanted to do it safely."
From Lorraine, "I felt strong during my pregnancies and it felt important for me to continue with a powerful and empowering practice. I also wanted to make sure my practice was safe while remaining strong. I had to take the time to learn about modifications in order to continue my practice and I am excited to continually share all that I have learned. Yoga is the best tool I have had during pregnancy, labor and motherhood.
Saturday, May 7th 1-3pm, $30