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Prenatal Restorative Yoga & Birth Preparation Workshop w/ Colleen Butaney

Prenatal Restorative Yoga & Birth Preparation Workshop with Colleen Butaney, RYT.
In this workshop you will be guided through a nourishing, restorative and informative yoga sequence specifically designed for pregnancy.
Restorative Yoga is a style of yoga which seeks to achieve emotional, mental & physical relaxation using props to support & relax the body, and postures are held for a longer length of time. This type of practice relaxes the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. This workshop is an opportunity too release any anxiety or tension you may be experiencing in your pregnancy or about your birthing process.
Join us to learn how to relax & calm the mind & body which can be highly beneficial to the birthing process.
In this workshop you can expect:
*A gentle all fours flow and upper body opener sequence before diving into our deeper poses.
*Pranayama (breathing) which can reduce anxiety during pregnancy and be used in labor.
*Deeply restorative & supportive yoga postures to calm & relax mind and body.
*Pelvic Floor Exercises: when practiced daily, can have multiple benefits including an easier birth process, as well as a more pleasurable one.
*Understanding the cycle of "Fear, Tension, Pain" and transforming it into "Faith, Relaxation, Pleasure" in labor & delivery.
*Loving & supportive hands on adjustments, as well as Reiki & Massage.
*Affirmations & Guided Visualization to be used through out your pregnancy and to utilize while birthing.
*Live musical Savasana with devotional, sacred music and mantra in honor of you & your growing baby.
*Meditation Practice to deeply connect with yourself & your baby.
No prior yoga experience necessary.
Please feel free to bring an eye pillow, water, and a snack in case you get hungry.
Price: $35
LIMIT 10 Students