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The Art of Yoga- Why we pose with Alexandria Crow

Your Unique Physiology - how that relates to asana and beyond.

Why Can't I Do That? Should I Be Able To?

Spend 3 days exploring how your personal physiology, and that of your students, creates the necessity for asana to be customized to best suit each individual’s needs. Each person’s skeleton, musculature, connective tissue, lifestyle and injuries cause a unique situation that once uncovered will create a wiser approach to postures offered in classes as well as how to know when a certain pose just isn’t meant for you. We will break the body down into general regions, look at the poses that impact those regions and learn a wiser and more personal way to approach asana.
Friday, 12/16, 7pm – 9pm The Art of Yoga and Why we pose – Why Pose? Why do we do asana? What are we trying to learn and/or access in these postures?

In this lecture/discussion we will look at the philosophy behind a yoga practice and how to bring that consciousness and understanding to the physical practice. This awareness when layered upon the poses makes for a complete practice that can bring about transformation and growth both in the physical body and one's approach to how they live.

Saturday, 12/17
12:30-3:00pm Feet, Knees and Hips - Basic Standing Postures

The positioning of the feet impacts the knees and hips and is a major contributing factor to how standing poses are built and done with personal wisdom. Uncover the various structural differences that impact the foot, knee, legs and hips and how to work with your unique set of circumstances in some of the most common standing poses offered in classes.

Saturday, 12/17 5:00-7:30pm Hips and Spine - Arm Balances, Basic Backbends and Seated Hip Openers
The hip and spine perform a biomechanical dance that, when understood, allows some of the more complex postures such as Arm Balances, Hip Openers and Basic Backbends, to be approached with wisdom and can help prevent unnecessary injuries. Understand how the hip's limitation and position impact the spine, learn underlying reasons for the range of motion in the hip and how to keep your lower back and SI region safe.
Sunday, 12/18 12:30-3:00pm Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders - Basic Weight Bearing Postures
Asana can and does injure students’ wrists, elbows and shoulders far too often, but it’s something that can be avoided. There are some basic skeletal issues that need to be understood in relation to the upper extremities and shoulders as they impact poses where body weight is placed on the hands. Knowing about these issues as well as how the shoulder functions are vital to properly setting up risky weight bearing poses.
5:00-7:30pm Shoulders and Spine - Complex Backbends and Inversions
In a similar fashion to the hip and spine, the shoulder and spine also participate in a partnership that can help strengthen and stabilize those regions preventing injury when functioning properly. Drawing on the information from the earlier modules while adding in newly learned information in this workshop, we will approach inversions and backbends that may have previously been out of reach from an understanding of your own unique structure. With this new understanding you may find these previously elusive postures may suddenly become achievable in the future.
$60/workshop or $260 for the whole weekend,