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The Three Wisemen: A Yin, Yang & Restorative W/ Alyssa Hale

The Three Wisemen: A Yin, Yang & Restorative Workshop that will change the way you look at yoga & leave you feeling fantastic. Have you ever felt stuck in your yoga practice? Like you know there is hidden potential that is just hard to access or understand? Maybe meditation is impossible or your hip just won't loosen up. This workshop is designed to give you a broad view of how yoga systems can work together and allows you to feel the hidden potential you can access when you look at yoga from a variety of perspectives. You will leave feeling like you got a massage and a workout at the same time! About the class & types of yoga being offered: *Yin Yoga, often considered to be the hidden secret of modern yoga, helps you rehydrate and lengthen connective tissue. *Yang (or "Power") Yoga gives you strength and vitality and works up a nice sweat. *Restorative Yoga offers supported postures that allow for deeper meditative experiences while you practice, impacting the way your brain stores information and balances the various systems of your body. Join us and take your yoga practice to a whole new level. Timing: 2.5 hrs Cost: $35pp.  SPACE LIMITED. reserve your spot today!