Kids & Teens Yoga

At LPY we lead classes for both kids and teens. Each group will learn how to safely navigate their nimble bodies through yoga poses and will also get the added benefit of working on skills such as patience, confidence and stress management.   

Upcoming Kid & Teens Yoga Series

Kids and Teens yoga series are specially designed to add a bit more balance to your kid’s lives. These series include a yoga and meditation practice. These series happen in 6 week installments but you are able to drop in if space allows. Please note that these classes have a set rate and drop in rate that is higher than the teen weekly class. If you want to attend one of these series in full or as a drop in you must purchase the higher pricing option by following the links when you click on the event below.

Teen Yoga Classes

These weekly classes are specially designed for teens (ages 13+). We are excited to have a class geared toward this population as they become more coordinated and connected to the way they move. The group will also explore how yoga can help them manage day to day stresses and challenges. See below for the once a week class time. Teen rates can be bought in studio only and are $14 per class.  Please accompany your teen for their first class so you can sign their waiver form and leave a credit card on file to pay for classes. You can also create an account for them and purchase at home at the $16 rate. Classes and packs are not shareable between students or families.

This teen class is different from the series above.  This class is a drop in type class and you do not need to commit to any number of classes.  Feel free to come in to the studio to pay the $14 drop in fee before class. 


“Doing yoga at LPY is a great way for me to meet up with my friends, get a great workout, and reduce stress. The teen classes are convenient to go to right after school, and the instructors are knowledge and friendly. ” - Emma Crowley

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