New to LPY & LPB?

If you are brand new to us take advantage of our Newcomer Special. For $20 you can take unlimited classes for 2 weeks. Take the opportunity to get to know our teachers, find the classes that you love and enjoy our robust schedule. 

Every class invites you to move at your own pace.  We offer you the space to be challenged, strong, nurtured, guided and taken care of.

You are always welcome in any class.  All of our classes for yoga and barre are All Levels.  Everyone has started brand new at some point so although you feel new, please realize the excitement in that and that everyone has been there.  We also have a slow flow class on Tuesdays at 4:30 and if you prefer a much more restful yoga we have restorative flow on Thursday and Sunday nights.  Please refer to the schedule to check out all the classes.   

Also take note on the schedule that in the columns on the right it will tell you the length of the class and if the class is Hot, Warm, Unheated, slow flow or restorative.  Any questions about those classes can be found on the "class descriptions" page.  

We are a first come first serve studio.  Please come right in 10-15 minutes before class and our desk staff will help you get into class.  We accept cash, check and credit card.  

We have two showers for your convenience and encourage you to bring your mat and towel - but we do have mats, towels and yogitoes for rent.  

Still have questions about things?  Check out our "FAQ" page. 

We offer so much more than just regular classes:

We create programming, series & classes for the whole family and invite you to practice, and stay happy and healthy through every phase of life.

Want to know more?

“LP is my oasis of calm. I have the great fortune of living within walking distance, though I usually 'float' home feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of my day after a class. The schedule, teachers, physical space and sense of community combine to make LPY a true gem in Lexington center.” - Claire Sheth

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