The Power Barre Method

Here’s Why Barre Works:

Our barre is from the Lotte Berk Method and style. This means its attention to functional alignment, small precise movements and focus on one set of muscle groups at a time make it the most efficient and results oriented workout. In class you will use repetitive, small (think only one inch) movements that will bring your muscles to their edge and allow them to tone and strengthen. The class also has elements of cardio and stretching so you will feel full body fit. Classes are set to fun, upbeat music and movements are accessible to all fitness levels.

Here’s Why We Love Barre For Yogis!

Barre provides a yogi with some really concentrated and functional strength that can sometimes be missing when one just practices yoga. Barre keeps a flexible body balanced and strong and healthy. It also asks yogis to take the skills they learn about being present, patient and kind to themselves into another setting and focus as they work hard in a different way. Try them both for the best balanced body you can find!

What to Bring:

Bring along a mat and water and although classes are unheated you may want a towel.  If you have anymore questions please visit out "New To Yoga & Barre" Page.

LPB has it's own website! Check it out for more details!


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