Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Supporting women through every step of their journey into motherhood is a deeply important part of our mission.  Here at Lexington Power Yoga, we provide a safe, supportive environment to practice self-care, ease common aches & pains, prepare for labor, recover after labor & connect with other mothers & your children in a warm & welcoming space.

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal classes are offered in an unheated format and are open to women who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant and recovering from having a baby. This practice is beneficial for new and experienced yoga students at every stage of pregnancy, it can also be helpful in preparing the body for pregnancy and birth. Classes will focus on a rhythmic flow of dynamic and restorative postures while honoring the changing needs of pregnancy through modifications and instruction on proper anatomical alignment. Classes will use the power of the breath to feel good during pregnancy and build strength, confidence, and peace. All levels and stages are welcome. 

Mommy & Me


A unique post-natal yoga class which combines getting back into shape & strengthening the bond between you and your baby into one. These classes are for the post-natal Mother with babies 4-6 weeks old to non crawlers. The sequences are designed to focus on all areas of the post-natal body to bring back strength, flexibility & mental calm to the mother. Experience flowing asanas, gentle core re-builders, strengthening postures and calming, restorative time for you and your baby in this safe and playful environment. You will be invited to incorporate baby into some of the asanas, as well as remain connected to baby through eye or tactile contact. A small segment of baby massage will be incorporated as well.

Upcoming Mommy & Me Series:

“Prenatal classes have been invaluable to me. They reminded me of my strength and allowed me to appreciate the amazing power of becoming the mom.” - Alice J.

Upcoming Prenatal Classes: