Alyssa Hale


I was drawn to yoga in 2004 when I herniated a disk in my back and couldn't walk for almost a month. I was focused on nothing but "cardio" and "situps" as a means to get to the body "every girl wants." When I first came to power yoga I realized that not only was I creating the physical body I craved, but I was becoming a better, more balancer version of myself on the inside as well. Two weeks was all it took - yoga and I were going to be together forever!

I've taught through my own series of "stuff" - back injuries, two pregnancies, family tragedies and all the stresses that life can throw our way. I've seen bodies in all states of physical health - and I've come to realize that you are never too (old / young / fat / thin / tight / ... insert excuse here) for yoga. Yoga will meet you on your mat - and if you stick with it in an honest way - it will always serve you what you need. So know that when you come to my classes I understand that everyone will move and feel things differently and I will make room for what you need. I try to give people space when they need it, support and backrubs when they need them and a little butt-kicking when they crave it!

While my classes are challenging, I offer lots of room for modification and restoration if you feel your body is calling for it. I like to keep things light and tell jokes, and I like to get heavy and ask you self examine in certain postures. I like to offer yoga from a physical, emotional and intellectual perspective. So if you are interested in working on your self from more than just the physical angle, then come join me for a fun and funky flow!