Jaime-Lyn Gaudet

Jaime-Lyn Gaudet

After studying dance throughout her life, Jaime-Lyn entered her first yoga class in 2005, and immediately felt at home. Having spent several years in Southern California, and now living and studying in the Boston area, she is grateful for how these two yoga communities have shaped both her personal practice and teaching style.

Jaime-Lyn completed her 200+ hour teacher training with Boston Yoga School, and is currently working toward 500 hour certification with Lexington Power Yoga. She has studied pre and post natal yoga with Om Births and Rooted Boston, and is an approved Radiant Child Yoga Teacher. 

Both on and off the mat, she strives for balance. Her teaching is interlaced with a focus on strength and alignment, while fostering a sense of curiosity and playfulness. 

Outside of her yoga practice, Jaime-Lyn enjoys traveling, usually in pursuit of the next rock to climb or sunset to photograph. Oh, and ice cream.

Jen Geller

Like many others, I first tried yoga as a last resort. I was a competitive athlete and distance runner for many years when a severe hamstring injury brought me to my mat. I continued to practice off and on and began to realize that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. I started to understand yoga’s full potential. After working as a physical therapist for more than twenty years, I made the leap into teacher training here at Lexington Power Yoga. This journey was transformative for me and I knew then that I wanted to keep learning and keep teaching.  I wanted to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible.

I am a strong believer in the mind-body connection. By combining breath with movement and creating a flow, yoga can calm the body and bring clarity to the mind. We can take that peace and clarity with us as we navigate through our day to day lives. 

Drawing on my physical therapy knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, I hope to guide my students through a very safe practice, offering specific modifications when necessary. If you are dealing with any injuries that I might be able to help with, please feel free to reach out.

I am so grateful for this practice and this community. I also am endlessly grateful for my husband and three daughters. I love the outdoors and hiking or running on trails is one of my favorite things to do. I also love returning to Maine, where my husband and I grew up~ turning off all electronics and just “being”. Not unlike the feeling I get on my mat.

Lorraine Shedoudi


Lorraine Shedoudi has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and through practice found her passion to teach. Practicing and teaching inspires Lorraine and connects her daily to her true purpose. Lorraine was born and raised in Northern California and has always been fascinated by the mind body connection. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Psychology at University of California, Berkeley. While at Berkeley, Lorraine took her ?rst yoga class and was captivated by the practice. After years of playing competitive sports, yoga brought her a new way to understand physical movement, wellness and compassion. Lorraine continued her studies and followed her passion of connecting the mind and the body by earning her Master's Degree at Boston College in Counseling Psychology.

While working as a substance abuse counselor in Boston, Lorraine brought mindfulness and meditation to patients struggling with addiction. The more stressful work became the more Lorraine used yoga to keep herself grounded. The yoga community brought a sense of connection to her daily life and she studied to become a yoga teacher. Lorraine is a natural student with a true passion for yoga. She has tirelessly taken workshops and trainings. Lorraine is working on her Reiki mastership under the direction of Pat Iyer. She has tremendous and daily gratitude for her husband, her son, her whole family, as well as her students and her friends. They are her greatest teachers; they inspire her and remind her to fully live in the moment.

Lorraine strives to bring yoga off the mat and into daily life by reminding students they are infinitely strong and can face life with balance and grace. She is also continually learning that each breath is a call to be present and content.