Laura Grundstrom


Laura Grundstrom has taught children in many different capacities for the past fifteen years. Her love for movement developed early in life as she danced her way through her school years. Laura has degree from Franklin Pierce College in social work and a minor in dance. Laura recognizes that children are natural movers and she has taught kids dance and creative movement at a variety of places throughout the years.

Laura’s personal love for yoga began with restorative practice, as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. She then began to explore vinyasa yoga which invoked feelings that reminded her of dance. Moving with breath and flowing from one pose into the next Laura was instantly hooked.

Laura taught Autistic children for years and her personal yoga practiced helped her stay grounded and conscious of her breath during stressful times both in and out of work. Eventually Laura moved on to teaching in a preschool setting; and she started to bring yoga into the classroom to help some of the kids who struggled with attention and listening. Laura began her yearlong 300 hour training to become a certified YogaKids teacher and trainer as a way to better support her students in the classroom. It was the perfect way to merge her love for yoga and her passion for teaching kids.

Laura has had the privilege to train with Marsha Wenig the founder of the YogaKids program. The YogaKids philosophy is to educate the “whole” child by blending yoga with reading, music, body awareness and academic skills in a non-competitive environment. Laura strives to incorporate all of these things into each of her classes. Students these days are under a lot of pressure and stress, Laura has worked hard to help bring yoga into classrooms to help children learn stress management techniques. She has also facilitated trainings to educate teachers on how to include yoga directly into their curriculum.

Children have so much to teach us if we just take the time to stop and listen. As a mother of two young girls, Laura works both on and of her mat to find balance, playfulness and of course the bravery to try new things. Laura is looking forward to connecting kids with their natural passion for yoga and fun!