Gail Brosnan

From a young age, I loved dance, whether creating my own dance with friends, or at my weekly dance classes after school. I loved the poise and beauty of ballet, the upbeat fun of jazz, and the creativity behind it all. This passion helped me find a love of fitness, and I soon added in running, spin, boot camp, yoga, and zumba classes. 

    Years later, after training for a half marathon, and multiple boot camp classes, I experienced chronic knee pain. After months of trying P.T. and rest, and even surgery, I still felt pain. So, I got a second opinion from a doctor. He told me what I needed where the 3 S’s: strength, stability, and stretching.

     I found all this and more in barre class. Amazingly, with the help of barre, I no longer experienced pain from simply walking, and felt stronger and healthier. Just like my former dance classes, I genuinely looked forward to barre class, and the work and fun it entailed. I kept coming back for more, perfected my form, and eventually trained to teach.

     I love everything about barre, from the inspiring and positive energy, the music, the modifications and challenges, the techniques and form, and the mind-body connection. I love how barre helps you to find the strength within to push yourself, without causing injury or stress upon your body. I hope to inspire others to find this same love of barre.