Linda Spolidoro


Having spent much of my early years feeling inadequate privately, acting out publicly, and generally doing the exact opposite of anything that would have made my life easier, I came to the logical conclusion that I had been born on the wrong planet. I just couldn’t figure out where it was I fit and what it was I had to offer (talk about existential angst).

I had no idea that when I walked into my first yoga class a few years back, I was hot on the heels of discovering my home planet. Yoga has allowed me the ability, the confidence, and the nonjudgmental freedom to embrace my uniqueness (unique being code for weird) with compassion, gratitude, and most importantly, unadulterated joy. It has given me the physical outlet that I crave (it’s a great work-out), the spiritual connection to something beyond my intellect (think String Theory), and it has introduced me to the most loving, creative, and compassionate community anywhere on this or any planet. Simply put, Yoga for me has softened the voices of self doubt that were once constant companions and amplified the beautiful Song of the Universe that had been there all along.