Tina Adoniou

Tina first stepped into a yoga studio in 1999 on the urging of a friend. She soon found that the union of body and mind, movement and breath is what keeps her grounded. Yoga has done more for her than she could have ever anticipated. It's helped her manage the stress of managing large teams in corporate jobs for the past 10+ years, navigate through the grief of the sudden death of her father and also through her kidney donation to her cousin in 2010 - both in mentally and physically preparing her for major surgery and in recovering from it. The yoga practice plays a key role in her life in keeping her smiling and strong and supportive to those around her.

She went back to her very first teacher, Rolf Gates, for her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, and now has the honor of being his teaching assistant for his Boston area 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training. She also completed apprenticeships with Jacqui Bonwell, Chanel Luck and Lorraine Shedoudi and is also greatly influenced by Johnny Gillespie, founder of Empowered Yoga.

In addition to teaching yoga, Tina is also a level 2 reiki practitioner. Everyday life and habits create a lot of stuck energy – mental and physical – and these two healing modalities allow for a great deal of freedom and endless possibilities.

She’s incredibly grateful to be doing this work and relishes everything about it. She’s also thankful to be surrounded by such supportive people who encourage her and keep her going on this path.