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Whether your intention is to teach or just deepen your personal practice, the Lexington Power Yoga 200 hour teacher training program is designed in a way that encourages an authentic exploration and genuine understanding of yoga through critical analysis and direct experience. Together, we’ll witness the emergence of smart and confident teachers as well as wise and thoughtful practitioners.

This training will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll have the opportunity to practice more deeply, explore yoga breath work (pranayama), practice meditation, and learn how to speak confidently in front of a class. We’ll explore what is happening anatomically when we ask students to move in and out of specific poses, injury modification, and how to teach to an ‘all levels’ group of students.

You’ll emerge with a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of yoga and how the yoga industry impacts the history and practice of yoga. 

The LPY training is unique in that it offers support and mentoring well after your certification is complete. As you go out into the yoga world and begin to navigate the business of teaching public classes, we’ll be there to support you. 

The program’s lead teacher, Lorraine Shedoudi, has over 10 years of teaching experience. In her time at LPY, she has personally overseen the graduation of 7 groups of teacher trainees. Her commitment to continued education and her ability to share what she has learned makes for smarter, stronger and more well-rounded yoga teachers. 

Along side Lorraine, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced and versatile lead teachers and mentors, Linda Spolidoro and Tina Adoniou, who bring their own expertise, years of practical teaching experience, and their own unique perspectives. Together, with this powerful staff you’ll be supported, encouraged, and eager to learn more.

Upcoming & Current Teacher Training Sessions:

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The Program

You have the benefit of learning within the walls of a working, thriving studio. The Lexington 200hr Yoga Teacher Training covers all of the Yoga Alliance requirements & beyond. You will have practical exposure to:


Learn how to teach a safe & effective vinyasa class:

• Basics of language, postures & cuing

• Workshop: Breaking down the vinyasa

• down dog, high to low pushup, updog, cobra, high pushup variations.

• Learning a safe effective class structure

• Opening of a class/Integration

• Suns series

• External hip postures

• Internal hip postures

• Balance postures

• Core work

• Prone and back back bending

• Winddown & closing savasana

Understand anatomy, alignment & functional movement in yoga

• Anatomy level 1 – Anatomical Lines & Landmarks: The basics of how to keep

students safe:

• Boney markers of the body

• Lines of the body

• Anatomy of hips, hamstrings, quads (full legs) & common injury/prevention

• Anatomy of shoulders & common injury/prevention

• Anatomy of back & common injury/prevention

• Alignment & energetics of flowing postures

• Internal postures, twisting w/o overworking/overstretching at the SI joint

• Forward folds, modifications for overstretched hamstrings, discuss over

stretched hamstrings.

Learn how to sequence your own safe & effective vinyasa class:

• Sequencing I

• Sequencing of internals vs. external postures

• Sequencing w/ offered modifications

• Basics of effective/safe sequencing/yoga anatomy

• Sequencing II

• Understanding how to teach different types of classes w/effective


• Corporate, prenatal, seniors yoga, etc…

• Time Management, learn to teach 45 minute, 60 minute, 75 minute, 90

minute classes

• Sequencing to advanced postures (and what that really means)

• Building internal sequences to create stability

• Building all sequences to create more stability

The Art of Assisting

• Learn to use your words as your biggest assister

• Basic hands on assets for safe alignment

• How has assisting philosophy changed - Less is more.

• Getting students to notice subtle movements

Concepts to elevate your classes

• Pranayama techniques and how to teach

• Meditation techniques and how to teach

• The energetics of the Chakras

• Yoga as a spiritual practice

• History and Philosophy

• Eight Limbs of Yoga

• Teaching yoga to music

• Self Care for you as a teacher

• Building a business as a yoga teacher


• Overview & understanding of:

• Restorative yoga

• Yoga Nidra

• Prenatal yoga

• Corporate yoga

The format of our teacher training is divided up into 10 weekend intensives. A typical weekend consists of
study commencing on Friday nights from 6:00pm-9:00pm, Saturdays & Sundays 12:30pm-8:30pm. There will be a break for lunch, and plenty of practice.

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"Lorraine- I don't know exactly how or when I went from being a nervous wreck about teaching to feeling totally confident, but I owe it all to you (and our other amazing teachers of course). Somehow you worked your magic all throughout teacher training and I came out feeling so prepared and ready to teach. Although I'm sure you hear it the all the time, I wanted to remind you how awesome you are and thank you for all of your hard work." - 2015 Teacher Training Graduate


We ask that you have a dedicated yoga practice of at least 6 months before beginning your teacher training. Our program is designed to meet you exactly where you are physically, so if you have any injuries, or limitations that you are currently working with, you are more than welcome to take our training. Yoga is truly for every body, and we embrace diversity in the age, ability, and size of our community and wish to encourage the development of yoga teachers that reflect their communities.


You will learn the power of strong physical and spiritual sequencing from teachers who are both knowledgeable and passionate. We ask that you come with an open mind, and a willingness to approach yoga form a space of curiosity, and dedication. Through this program you will gain the tools to design an insightful, creative, safe and transformative yoga class for students of all levels. This program ensures that you have an understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as ethics and philosophy. You will find your unique style through understanding, practice and study.

If you have been considering deeper study of yoga, now is the time join us.


The Faculty


Our teacher training relies on a strong & experienced faculty that works together to guide you to go deeper and find your own authentic voice as a teacher. Our team of dedicated teachers provide a place for you to connect to what profoundly inspires you about your unique practice. Beyond the physical asanas, our faculty will challenge you to explore the energy, philosophy, history and the anatomy of yoga. You'll learn to sequence with intelligence and creativity and you will be able to skillfully share your unique experience of the practice. 

You are always part of the LPY community; as a graduate we offer you the opportunity to return to LPY for continuing education because we know that your 200-hour training is really just the beginning. 

“This training has meant so much to each of us, in our own way, because you created and provided us with the tools and knowledge and surroundings to really dig deeper and evaluate our lives. It has been life shifting to say the least, and I feel so grateful that you decided to run this and I was able to do it and that all the pieces just fell into place as they did. I feel even more grateful to have wandered into your class those many years ago.” - 2014 Teacher Training Graduate

Meet the Core Faculty

Lorraine Shedoudi

With a practice that began over 20 years ago in Berkeley, CA, Lorraine brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.  She has worked with various teachers to design a program that keeps the body safe and strong.  She continues to research, learn and study so that the LPY teacher training program is something that evolves as the yoga landscape changes but it is still based on a powerful tradition, meaningful history and profound connection.   Lorraine is passionate about meaningful sequencing that can be creative and purposeful. Allowing her student to craft classes that come from the genuine, personal experience and passion of yoga. 


Linda Spolidoro

Linda brings years of teaching a powerful mindful flow to this training. Linda just has it. She is authentic and powerful. If you attend one of her classes you will see for yourself the magic she has (if you can get in!). Learn from one of the best!

Tina Adoniou

Want to know something about the structure or energetics of the body? Ask Tina. Tina will share her extensive knowledge of anatomy and the chakras throughout your training. Get ready to have your mind blown! She is a teacher with wisdom, compassion and experience. Tina also infuses her teachings with humor. As deep and insightful as she is, she is also equally light and hilarious.

Meet Guest Contributing Faculty

Emily Griffin

Learn how to take care of yourself and your students in a strong and genuine way. Emily brings together yoga and ayurveda so that you have a deeper understanding for the natural rhythms of your self and the world you live in. Studying with Emily allows you go to a deeper level with support and encouragement. Her humble way guides you to then next level.

Michael Mann

The man behind the music. Michael knows how to cultivate energy in a room with or without music but many have come to seek him out for his connection to the sense of sound...

Amanada Califano

There is such grace to the way Amanda teaches and it comes from a connection to the way yoga works to soothe, strengthen and heal. She has a mind for beautiful sequencing and she will help you to know why YOU want to teach yoga. You will always feel lighter and more joyful after learning with Amanda.

Michelle Brenes-Roselli

Michelle is always learning, growing, exploring and coming from a very real and genuine place. She will help you to learn about the beauty and stillness of yin yoga. You will explore the meridians of the body and work with joint stability. You can feel that you are working with a true teacher when you study with Michelle.

Jillian McDonough

You will learn about courage, creativity and authenticity from Jillian. She is a co-owner of Lexington Power Yoga and knows the ins and outs of the business of yoga. She also teaches from a place of power and joy. She adds to the heart and honesty of this program. She knows what it takes to be an amazing teacher and she will work with you to recognize the amazing teacher within.

“Making the decision to commit to the Teacher Training Program at LPY was one of the best decisions I have ever made. While I entered the program with the sole intention of deepening my own practice, I realized by graduation that I did, in fact, want to share my practice with others, that I did want to teach. Not only did the Teacher Training Program at LPY help me connect to my own practice in a way that I hadn't been able to before, it also prepared me to teach. I am working as a yoga teacher at two studios, teaching 60, 75 and 90 minute Vinyasa classes as well as a 75 minute Relax and Renew. The Teacher Training Program at LPY more than prepared me to take on the exciting opportunities and challenges of teaching yoga, of sharing my practice with a wide variety of students... I am forever grateful for my time in Teacher Training at LPY and can't find the words to adequately express how full my heart is...” - 2014 Teacher Training Graduate

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